“This book was exceptional…”

This book was exceptional, with two standout elements that truly made it shine. Firstly, the author’s attention to detail and thoughtful approach to the book was evident in every aspect. It was clear that every element was carefully planned and served a purpose, showcasing the author’s commitment to making this collection as perfect as possible. I truly appreciated this level of dedication as a reader.

Secondly, the use of animal and nature analogies and metaphors was truly remarkable. The creativity and skill demonstrated in these comparisons was impressive and effectively conveyed the essence of nature in each poem.

I had a great time reading this debut collection of short stories and poems from the incredibly talented author. These poems were light and easy to read and I found myself savoring a few of them throughout the day. The author does a fantastic job of varying the types of poems and I never felt a sense of boredom, which can sometimes be the case with poetry collections. Additionally, I was thoroughly entertained by the ghost story.

The author did a fantastic job and I highly recommend this book.

4.5/5 stars

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