You don’t need to hire an agent, spend months sending proposals or dealing with rejection letters.

The publication process of your book projects in Press Dionysus is as follows:

– You must send all or part of your work to [email protected]

with a cover letter describing your project.

– Your file will be reviewed anonymously by two editors, and we will decide whether it is suitable for publishing.

– We will review your file for a maximum of one month. At the end of the month, the publisher will contact you in line with the editor’s reports.

– Following positive editorial reports, the publication process of the book will begin.

– Press Dionysus supports the authors at every stage of the book’s preparation for publication; informs the authors on editing, proofreading, design, cover design, publishing, distribution and announcement of the book on social media.

– Press Dionysus pays royalties to its authors as per the copyright agreement.


Send us an email submission. Please include your name and book title in the subject of the email.