Review of The Children of Seven Climates by Halil Ibrahim Balkas

Halil Ibrahim Balkas

Quite honestly, this book broke my heart. In it, the ego of adults was showcased and small children suffered because of it. It reflected events that were already happening in reality  and how little empathy scientists, politicians and world leaders have.
The genocide and how the adults cause chaos and destruction no matter their morals reflects on how humanity is too far gone. Halil’s words and descriptions are brutily honest. There is no dressing up of facts or softening the truth, but instead leaves you with a story that you can’t deny is a mirror image of what our world would be if left to those with no empathy and no love.
“Every day we see the blue of the sky, of the ocean, the trees, the mountains. But do we really see them? I doubt it. They exist, they fill our eyes and proclaim their existence because they are enormous, but we still ignore it all.”What was even more heart-wrenching was how pathetic the adults appear in this. Countries blaming each other and dropping bombs in retaliation, when they’ve just stole the futures of all their children. And all that came of it was the adults getting rid of each other till none were left.
I found it disgusting that the adults celebrated after all the countries had been bombed and they knew they would all die. Their friendship and courtesy towards each other was performative and their kindness false -a part of me was glad they’d soon all be gone for how they acted.
The broken spirits of the children left behind broke me the most. Those old enough had to look after the younger ones, and thus their childhood was over.
Though this was a good story, it is a sad one for those who have care and love for this world. If only this book could be passed to world leaders and them be made to read it, to be taught that same love so that their children do not suffer any similar fates.
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Author: Lucy Greenwood